We live in the most anxious, depressed, sleep-deprived, addicted, overweight, divorce-prone, and angry generation ever. Those of us who embrace the good news of Jesus Christ are different, right? Unfortunately, no. All too often, believers find themselves in the same sad condition as those they want to save. In an inspirational guide, Stephen Moore shares scripture, personal experiences, and a glimpse into societal temptations while illuminating an enlightening path that leads believers through a transformative and introspective process to shun temptation and outside influences and shine the beautiful and peaceful light of Christ onto the world. As he challenges previous misconceptions we may believe about God, society, and ourselves, Moore shares insight on how to overcome the incessant fears and programing of a strong culture to become the people God says we are, and affirms why the world needs more courageous, selfless, bold, loving, and grace-filled superheroes now to accomplish the purposes of Christ.