The Books You Read and the People You Meet?

              I was fortunate to hear a speaker more than two-decades ago tell of his unusual meeting with a motivational speaker named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Apparently to Charlie everything was tremendous,… Read More

Spiritual Growth and Reading Scripture…Don’t Do It!

In working with people who want to grow spiritually, the statement “I want to read my Bible more” often comes up. I say don’t do it. But here’s why, and you may… Read More

Friendship, Faith, and Death (Me and Dave at the Toilet Seat Museum

The Sovereign Lord is truly amazing–he put’s things together all around us, all the time, for his great reasons. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago, he brought a new friend into my… Read More

Listen to Stevo on “The Power Lunch” Radio Interview with Angela Moore

Click on this link to hear Author Stephen K Moore (aka, Stevo) during a fun and wide ranging interview with the fabulous Angela Moore from 101.5/The Ride radio! Now Angela and  I… Read More

Depression Runs in Your Family? Yep, Mine too. How to Handle it.

So here’s the funny thing. My wife was having some significant health issues that we strongly suspected were hereditary. So we decided to do a genetic workup after hearing a podcast. (From… Read More

In Defense of the Plane Lady-That Incivility Was Unreal!

Some of the memes and commentary have finally cooled down–and the “plane lady” who suddenly became known to millions following an unfortunate incident on an American Airlines flight has even come out… Read More

Book Trailer for Superhero!

My team at LifeRich just released the book trailer for Superhero: Being Who God Says You Are. Check it out! Click here for the trailer!

Don’t Read Your Bible More. Say What?

I work with a number of people one-on-one who desire to engage the precess of spiritual growth/formation more seriously. I commonly hear the statement “I know I need to read the Bible… Read More

What Happened to Courageous Youth?

We’ve all seen it, college (and high school) aged people who need “safe-spaces” because they’ve heard of seen something that upset them. The rigors of “adulting” are stressing them out and keeping… Read More

The Fortify Youth conference is coming soon. If you are in the Dickson/Middle Tennessee area, use the QR in the image to registers. Stephen will be speaking on what it means to… Read More