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The Books You Read and the People You Meet?

              I was fortunate to hear a speaker more than two-decades ago tell of his unusual meeting with a motivational speaker named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Apparently to Charlie everything was tremendous,… Read More

Spiritual Growth and Reading Scripture…Don’t Do It!

In working with people who want to grow spiritually, the statement “I want to read my Bible more” often comes up. I say don’t do it. But here’s why, and you may… Read More

What Happened to Courageous Youth?

We’ve all seen it, college (and high school) aged people who need “safe-spaces” because they’ve heard of seen something that upset them. The rigors of “adulting” are stressing them out and keeping… Read More

Why Is Spiritual Change Hard?

So, you hear a good speaker or read a good book about spiritual formation–and you want to change. You are emotionally charged up and determined. This is going to be good, right?… Read More

The Search for Perfect Church

Church-hopping or even becoming a “non-attender” has become common. I hear many who do this defending their decision by criticizing the imperfections of the church or churches they have tried out. Perhaps… Read More

Why Do Superhero Movies Resonate?

The Reason Behind My New Book Superhero: Being Who God Says You Are Isn’t it strange when someone claims to believe something strongly, but the entirety of their life demonstrates this claim… Read More