About the Book

I see this time in the world as an incredibly serious, dark, and sinister time, but I am full of hope. For far beyond just speaking out against the ideologies of justified persecution by identity group— the good news of Jesus Christ and his bride—the church offers a gloriously beautiful alternative to the horrific atrocities of social justice currently being advocated against all humanity.

We, his bride, must become who he says we are. This is what superhero is all about.

Section I deals with some of the most common challenges that prevent God’s people from being the superheroes he intends them to be.

Section II illuminates the beauty of what the good news of the Christ offers to shut down in the various deadly identity group ideologies and draw those who have been indoctrinated into the life abundant. Life in God’s body, usually called the church, is the antidote to mass delusion.

Section III offers practical ways in which those who are loved by God can live daily to boldly advance the kingdom. Our Lord likely has you where he wants you in order to forcefully advance his kingdom, but he needs you to get on mission.

The world needs superheroes now. The popularity of superhero movies shows there is a need for people who live by transcendent truth, who put others before self, who are courageous, bold, loving, grace filled, and ready to die for what is right.

That, my friends, is a description of Jesus. We are called to be the superhero he was—to his glory. Our magical powers are not from a spider bite or laboratory concoction. It flows through us from him to accomplish his purposes when we abide in Christ.

The world must have more Jesus!